Moving on Letter Box Gift

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Do you have an amazing human in your life who needs some support and reassurance and they move past a bump in the road? Be it a break up, moving past a tough time or something positive like a new job or home We have the perfect way to send some support through the post. 

This caring little package contains:

Moving on Wish Bracelet: Amethyst for soothing emotional support, Aquamarine for clear reflection, Citrine to release any negative energy and Rose Quartz for inner peace and comfort on waxed cotton cord form a high quality adjustable bracelet, making these wishes long lasting!

Calm Tealights: From The Waxing Moon Shop, these beautiful handmade soy tealights are fragranced with a soothing blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, topped with dried lavender and a sprinkle of glitter. Use these candles for relaxation and relieving stress.

Pocket Hug Token: From Post Petals, pocket hug is the perfect boost. What relieves stress more than a hug? Lovingly handmade clay heart token.

Personalised Postcard: Just leave the message for your loved one in the gift note box and we will print it out on to a beautiful postcard ready to be sent off for you

Each box comes with a contents card and free postage! All these beautiful gifts on one letterbox sized gift, thoughtful love filled gifts made easy for you!