Box of Positivity - Happiness Letterbox Gift

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Do you have an amazing human in your life who needs their day brightened? We have the perfect way to send them some positivity through the post. 

This cute little package contains:

Aura Citrine Necklace18inch sterling silver necklace with smoothed crystals in a simple but beautiful pendant that’s perfect for layering. Citrine is an energising stone that is said to alleviate negative traits and depression as well as boosting happiness and motivation. The perfect accessory for positive vibes

Joy Tealights: From The Waxing Moon Shop, these beautiful handmade soy tealights are fragranced with a fresh blend of Orange, Lemon, Rose and Bergamont, topped with marigold petals and a sprinkle of glitter. Use these candles to bring happiness and positivity!

Pocket Hug Token: From Post Petals, pocket hug is the perfect happiness boost. What fills you with more warmth and happiness than a hug? Lovingly handmade clay heart token.

Positivity Crystal Set: Citrine, Rose Quartz, Agate and Clear Quartz large tumbled stones, from Craft Moor, placed together with a crystal meaning card in a collection said to bring a positive and joyful outlook.

Personalised Postcard: Just leave the message for your loved one in the gift note box and we will print it out on to a beautiful postcard ready to be sent off for you

Each box comes with a contents card and free postage! All these beautiful gifts on one letterbox sized gift, thoughtful love filled gifts made easy for you!