Jewellery Care

All our items are made of filled gold, sterling silver, raw brass or plated metals. Our pieces do need caring for, as does all jewellery, to give them the brand new look and feel for as long as possible.

Here's a few tips on how to get the best from your jewellery:

- Perfumes cause chemical reactions with plated metals and will cause tarnishing, its best to not wear perfumes at the same time or not in the same place as your jewellery piece to avoid this.
- No showering or sleeping in your jewellery
- It's best to store your jewellery in the boxes they come to you in or wrapped up where it cant be damaged.
- Cleaning your jewellery will always bring them back to life, soap and water is perfect for plated metals!
- Brasso or a similar metal polish is perfect for raw brass if you prefer your brass items to be shiny
- Sterling silver is easily cleaned with a silver polishing cloth, you can find these in most supermarkets
- Household cleaning products will cause damage to your pieces so remove any bracelets or rings before you have a spring clean!