Honey Bee Earrings and Necklace Letter Box Gift Set

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A hexagon is the strongest shape and is prevalent in nature. As well as a beautiful. The honeycomb is a representation of strength, motivation and efficiency. Give someone you love a symbol of their ability to overcome.

Finish off the perfect git with the golden honey matching earring and necklace letter box gift set. 

each box contains:

Golden Honey matching earrings and necklace: 

Gold plated honey bees on hexagon hoops and an 18inch chain. Add some sunshine to your outfit with golden honey! 

Wild Flower Seed Hearts:

made with recycled paper and contains wildflower seeds that once they have grown will attract Bees and Butterflies! Just plant, water and watch them grow - from the LittleSoapBar

Vegan Honeycomb Soap Bar:

German Chamomile flowers, raw Shea butter, red mandarin and Cedar atlas oil in a beautiful mini honeycomb soap - from thewildflowersoap

Bee Keepsake Token: 

Handmade and hand stamped clay token - from PostPetals

Printed Postcard

We now offer printed postcard gift notes at no extra cost to you! Just enter your message in the 'gift note' box!

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